Dream-Tearing Apart the Grid

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I was given a dream and in this dream I was told that patterns are being broken. I saw what appeared to be a grid tearing apart and flying away or pulling away in the atmosphere.

I had a duck with me. According to Dreammoods.com, a duck symbolizes spiritual freedom. Ducks are multitalented animals as they can walk, swim and fly. They also serve as a connection between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

I feel on a deeper level that this is about the world changing at it’s foundation. In order for something new to come in, the old needs to be broken down at it’s core. This is what I was seeing in my dream; the breakdown of old patterns so that the new can come in.

This video is a about the last day of my mom’s life.  The content is a bit emotional.  It happened almost 4 years ago, but when I talk about it, it feels like yesterday that my mom died twice.   It is unusual for people to die and come back even for a short time.