Hay House Video

Heal Your Life~Body.Mind.soul

This is my video for Hay House as part of my book proposal.   Feel free to share, like and comment! It’s a personal story about a soul issue of mine. Let me know how you like.

Tip #4 to Develop Your Intuition

Journal It-Journaling your experiences and dreams is a great way to document your progress and see how far you have come.

Tip #3 to Develop Your Intuition

Trust It! What is the point of getting expert advice if you don’t listen and act on it?

Tip #2 to Develop Your Intuition

Acknowledge the Guidance-Make sure you acknowledge and thank your team of guides for helping you.  Let them know you received the message.  If left ignored, the guidance may stop.

Tip #1 to Develop Your Intuition

Quiet your mind.  It’s in those moments of stillness that intuition creeps in. By learning to quiet the mind, you will create the perfect space. I have a meditation that I have created to help boost your intuition.  amykeast.com/meditations

I’ve always had a reason for not being able to do something.  It was because of this or that. Chances are it’s you that is stopping you.  In this short video I’ll give you an example of just that.

Energy Medicine~

People often ask me how I got started with energy healing.  Energy medicine is just another name for this type of energy work.

Tip #3 For Clearing the Chakras

Heat relaxes the muscles allowing negative energy to move (sauna, whirlpools or prolonged heat source).