Keep a Dream Journal

Keep a journal by your bed.  Write down your dream as soon as you wake up in as much detail as possible. Your dreams are the language of your soul.  Interested in learning about your dreams? Download Dreams101 available at

Dreams 101 an online course to learning through your dreams.


Learning to Interpret your dreams will improve your intuition.


Dreams are the language of the soul and the easiest way for your spirit team to communicate with you. Dreams 101 is my 6-week e-course.  It’s designed to help you decipher your own dream style and interpret your dreams.


Better Understanding Yourself

Through Your Dreams

Better Understanding Yourself Through Your Dreams

Dreams 101

Dreams 101

Your subconscious mind never sleeps and literally is working for you 24/7. It stores and computes and while you sleep may present you with all sorts of dreams to work out problems in your everyday life. The dream may be a warning or symbolic for what is happening in your waking life. Pay attention to those warnings. You just may learn something.

In order to understand your dreams, you need to remember them first. To optimize your dream state make sure you get to bed at a reasonable hour. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Alcohol tends to disrupt your sleep. Keep a voice recorder or note book close by so that when you wake you are able to get the details out. If you wait until later, the details may fade. Talking about your dreams also helps you remember them. You might remember your dream later in the day, but typically 90% of your dream is forgotten within 5 minutes of being awake. Something going on my trigger the dream memory itself.

There are many apps with dream dictionaries and journals that will help you document your dreams and their symbols.

Write down your dream and pick out the symbols. Look up the symbols in a dream dictionary or app. If you don’t have one, there are many to choose online. At times the message is clear or quite obvious. Other times, the message is more cryptic. Sometimes there may be more than one message possible and it may take time to find it’s true meaning. Date your dream and forget about it. Go back to it in a day or so. Sometimes the meaning will come through at a later time. Sleeping on it then getting back to it may give you clarity.

Over a period of time, you will be able to analyze your dreams and decipher the types of dreams you are having. Dreams are also a place where you can go visit a loved one. Dreams such as these are known as visitations.

A visitation is just that, a visit with a loved one. Someone who is no longer on the earth plane. This is usually a conversation that is literal not symbolic. Our loved ones my appear different, but you will know who they are. Most people who have experienced this say that their loved one appears to be in their prime (approximately 30 years old). A visitation can be very healing to the person having the dream. You may have questions that need answered or they may have a message for you. This type of dream is not like the others. It’s one that you’ll never forget it.

Dreams 101 an online course to learning through your dreams.

Dreams 101 an online course to learning through your dreams.

Dream Interpretation


Dreams are often thought of as the gateway to the soul. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping and dreaming 4-6 times a night. The funny thing is we often forget 90% of the dreams within the first 5 minutes of awaking. I believe that through your dreams you are able to access all sort of information to help you solve problems and make better decisions. Much is stored in your subconscious mind. When you are dreaming, you are tapping into that portion of your brain.

Everybody dreams, but unfortunately not all remember. Over the next 6 weeks, in Dreams 101, we will shine a light on the various dream types, we will create the perfect environment for dreaming and we will analyze those dreams.

Each week, I’ll share with you an intention for the week that will help you focus your attention on what we will be working on. There will be videos and well as written materials. There will be homework so you can put what you have learned into practice. This will be 6 weeks to learning about yourself through your dream time. You will find that by paying attention to your dream time your intuition will sharpen. Your dreams and your intuition go hand-in-hand.

Week 1:  Getting Ready to Dream

Week 2:  Your Dream Style

Week 3:  Dreams Explained

Week 4:  Picking out the Symbols

Week 5:  Dream Interpretation

Week 6:  Putting it all Together

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This was my first video I created back in 2014. The quality wasn’t the best, but the message is good. Have you ever had a dream visitation? If you have it’s something you will never forget.

Come Sit By Me1

Interpreting Your Dreams is the Window to the Soul

Dreams 101 an online course to learning through your dreams.

Dreams 101 an online course to learning through your dreams.

A 6 week ecourse to practical dream analysis. Learn at your own pace how to interpret your dreams and most importantly, learn your personal dream style.


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Dream~Cleaning up your Mess

This video is about a dream I had recently.  I will go through the dream, the symbols and give you an interpretation.