I Asked for A Sign

and guess what I got


Anybody that knows me knows that I love spirit signs: a sign from the spirit world. It could be from a deceased loved one, an angel, or a guide.

I recently went to the car wash. As I entered the building, my satellite radio went out as it always does at the car wash. I adjusted the volume as if that would make a difference. There was nothing, but silence.

What happened next caught me off guard. On the dash where the song titles are usually displayed, there was a message that said, “Congrats!!!! You passed the test!!!! I searched for my cell phone as I wanted to take a photo and document. I couldn’t locate. So, I wrote down the message not wanting to forget exactly what was written.

The songs in my car are displayed on 2 screens. One on the dash and one on the media console. This message appeared on the dash only.

It appears that I got the sign I had been asking for.

As I drove out of the car wash, the music returned once again and my message disappeared.

Soul Sessions (Dog Ear Publishing, 2014)


Soul Sessions by Carson Gage is my latest read.  Through a series of  regression hypnosis, Nick discovers who he truly is at a soul level.  This book is about a spiritual awakening and getting his life back on track.  If you love the past lives, soul mates, the mysteries of life and such, you will love this quick read.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

It’s been 4 years since I started blogging about the spirit world.  Since then, I’ve created a two e-courses and  5 meditations. I’ve made well over 100 videos and have created hundreds of blog posts.  In the beginning, it was my readings that got me started, but in the end, I think it will be my energy work that defines me.  Thank you for following along. I love the spirit world.

I am a soul dreamer. I help people discover who they are authentically at a soul level. I specialize in channeling spirit energy to heal your life~ body-mind- soul.

In this short video, I discuss specifically talk of how spirit speaks to me through song.

The 2 songs in this video are Hold My Hand by Jess Glyn and Be Not Afraid…a hymn.


Tip for connecting with spirit.

Spirit energy will use all of your senses to connect with you.  You may smell something or hear something.    They also like to use music to get your attention. The messages are subtle so pay attention.

~follow the signs~

~follow the signs~

image from Facebook

image from Facebook

I received some great advice from John Edward a few years ago. I was attending one of his events. He has a Q & A session and I was able to ask a question.

My question was, “How can I do what you are doing?” Almost as soon as I asked the question, I wished I hadn’t. Mr. Edward appeared annoyed and said he hated it when people asked him that. He went on to say that every person has a gift. Your job is to figure out what your gift is. He looked at me and said you are a healer and with that moved on to the next person.