What’s Your Dream?

You Be You and I'll Be Me


A few years ago, I told my daughter that my parents had sold the pharmacy, the place that I was working. She had a complete meltdown. “No! It’s your dream!” I sat down with her to explain that it was not my dream, but rather my family was my dream. She questioned my pharmacy career and asked why then was I a pharmacist. She was so insightful for such a little girl. Her questions and thoughts stuck with me and prompted my own questions since.

Why was I a pharmacist? Why had a chosen that career? It wasn’t long following my graduation from pharmacy school that I realized that I had chosen the wrong career. I didn’t know how to fix that. I had just spent 6 years in college in a specialized field. It would take me years to uncover the truth.

I learned a few things along the way.
1. Be yourself.
2. Support children in their dreams, not yours.
3. We are all unique individuals. Quit trying to make kids all the same.
4. Find out what makes your soul shine.
5. Your dreams belong to you. No need to explain.

It’s taken a while to uncover my dream. I know now that I chose pharmacy to be safe and gain the approval of my parents. What I wanted was not an option. As a result, I lost myself entirely.

What’s your dream?


Intuition Defined

What's Your Clair?

Intuition Defined…What’s Your Clair?

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Just like your ordinary senses of taste and smell, your intuition is considered a sense, your six sense.  We come into this world with a guidance system and it’s an extension of your basic senses.  If nurtured, your intuition will flourish.  If neglected, it will shut down.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)-This is someone who sees images in their mind.  This is what most people think of when they think of someone who’s psychic.

Clairaudient (clear hearing)-This is a person who hears messages, but not as you might think.  This type of hearing is in the form of clear thought.

Clairsentience (clear feeling)-This person feels things.  This is a feeling in their body.  For, me, I get a sick or heavy feeling in my stomach in a negative situation. Some people refer to this as a gut feeling.   I have a lighter sensation in my heart center for positive things.

Claircognizance (clear knowing)-The only way I can explain this is you just know.  You don’t have anything to back up your feeling except you just know.

Everybody is different.  Some people are predominately one clair or while others cross into others. We are constantly being relayed all sorts of spirit information.  I like to think of it like radio waves or a cellular phone call.  It’s a connection that we have to tune into and pay attention to in order to get the message.
Still don’t know exactly what your clair is? Think about what kind of a person you are. Are you visual, auditory or feeling in nature? When you interact with people do you size them up by their appearance, their spoken words or how the conversation made you feel? Your answers to these questions may give you insight to defining your clair.

The Voice of Intuition

The Voice of Intuition

In this video I discuss how the voice of intuition speaks.  If you pay attention you will notice how intuition speaks to you.  I often hear a voice when I am still that slips in the quiet.  There are other ways that spirit speaks as well.   The symbols of spirit are many. Spirits speaks through thought, animals, music, numbers and dreams and more. Pay attention and learn how spirit speaks to you.  If you would like to have an energy session ….

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