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I currently offer private Soul Energy Sessions as well as Soul Energy Group Sessions.

In a private session, A Soul Energy Session, I clear all the energetic fields and will identify what is being cleared using my intuition. I will also identify your soul purpose.   A private session is $200 and lasts 45 minutes.

In a group session, you will receive the same energy as in a private session.  I will clear all the energetic fields, and identify the soul issues that are causing problems in your life.  Currently, the group size is limited to 15 people.  The sessions last 1 hour and I will answer your questions after the clearing.  The group sessions are $40/person.

You do not have to have a physical illness in order to benefit.  Everyone will benefit from a clearing…I promise.

Your energy session will take place over the phone.  Group session are the only sessions I do in person.


Energy Healing…also called energy medicine

Energy Medicine-There are certainly many forms of energy medicine. All have their place and purpose. I have a unique method I utilize. No one else is doing what I do.

I have been shown the causes of sickness and disease. I am able to use my intuition to identify the negative energy in and around your body. Not all of my clients have physical problems, but the issues that they do have are causing problems in their life. If left untreated, the physical problems will ensue.

Energy medicine focuses on the body, mind, spirit connection. When one component is out of sync, the others are affected as well. I have discovered that certain soul issues cause certain disease states. The energy that I work with is very powerful and once the source of sickness and disease have been identified, a physical healing can occur. I use my intuition to identify the blocks and negative energies that persist. I clear several energy fields including the physical body then balance the chakras using spirit energy. It’s my gift. It’s why I am here.

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