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Intuition 101 on-line course

I created this video some time ago.  It was the inspiration for Intuition 101.  I’ll be showing you practical ways to develop your intuition.  

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This e-course, Intuition 101, is 6 weeks of practical spiritual guidance into flexing your intuitive muscles. Like any muscle, it becomes weak if not exercised. Each week we will dive deeper into the spirit world with solid information that will allow you to develop your own intuitive muscles. We all have intuition. The problem is that we often ignore the signs or discount those instances when spirit steps in. We will build on each lesson so that by the end of the class you will be well on your way to understanding how your intuition works for you. There are 30 videos to watch. Each week there will be a prayer/intention to lead us through the week. I have taken what I have learned over the years and put it together for you.

Week 1: We will talk about taking care of yourself, keeping your own counsel and the signs that your are intuitive already.
Week 2: We will develop your sacred space, discuss grounding and clearing space with sage.
Week 3: What’s your clair? This week we discuss the clairs and how they express themselves.
Week 4: Spirit speaks in a whisper and I will show you the signs. There are many, but when you stop and pay attention it becomes so obvious.
Week 5: Divination tools are the spirit tools that will help you with your divine connection. We will talk about a few to help get you started.
Week 6: Putting everything together and why you would want to develop your intuition. You can use intuition in all areas of your life. It will help you make better decisions and guide you to your purpose in life.


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It’s Here!!…Dreams 101!

Dreams 101 an online course to learning through your dreams.

Dreams 101 an online course to learning through your dreams.

Dreams are often thought of as the gateway to the soul. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping and dreaming 4-6 times a night. The funny thing is we often forget 90% of the dreams within the first 5 minutes of awaking. I believe that through your dreams you are able to access all sort of information to help you solve problems and make better decisions. Much is stored in your subconscious mind. When you are dreaming, you are tapping into that portion of your brain.

Everybody dreams, but unfortunately not all remember. Over the next 6 weeks, in Dreams 101, we will shine a light on the various dream types, we will create the perfect environment for dreaming and we will analyze those dreams.

Each week, I’ll share with you an intention for the week that will help you focus your attention on what we will be working on. There will be videos and well as written materials. There will be homework so you can put what you have learned into practice. This will be 6 weeks to learning about yourself through your dream time. You will find that by paying attention to your dream time your intuition will sharpen. Your dreams and your intuition go hand-in-hand.

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Week 1:  Getting Ready to Dream

Week 2:  Your Dream Style

Week 3:  Dreams Explained

Week 4:  Picking out the Symbols

Week 5:  Dream Interpretation

Week 6:  Putting it all Together


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