I Asked for A Sign

and guess what I got


Anybody that knows me knows that I love spirit signs: a sign from the spirit world. It could be from a deceased loved one, an angel, or a guide.

I recently went to the car wash. As I entered the building, my satellite radio went out as it always does at the car wash. I adjusted the volume as if that would make a difference. There was nothing, but silence.

What happened next caught me off guard. On the dash where the song titles are usually displayed, there was a message that said, “Congrats!!!! You passed the test!!!! I searched for my cell phone as I wanted to take a photo and document. I couldn’t locate. So, I wrote down the message not wanting to forget exactly what was written.

The songs in my car are displayed on 2 screens. One on the dash and one on the media console. This message appeared on the dash only.

It appears that I got the sign I had been asking for.

As I drove out of the car wash, the music returned once again and my message disappeared.