I Keep Seeing These Numbers

I keep seeing the number 1 in various sequences.  I have for over a year now.  I’m not into numerology but I find it fascinating. It happens so frequently that I point it out to others when it happens.

111,1111,11111 over and over.  On the alarm clock in the middle of the night: 1:11.  At the grocery store: $111.11.  Even as I write this, I notice that the time on my cell is 1:11.

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7 thoughts on “I Keep Seeing These Numbers

  1. Did you look up the number one?
    Check this out: http://goo.gl/HEQ83
    “One: One primarily deals with strong will, positivity, pure energy. The number One reflects new beginnings, and purity. The symbolic meaning of number One is further clarified when we understand One represents both kinds of action: physical and mental. This combined with Ones urgency for new beginnings, we begin to see Ones recurring in our lives indicates a time to exert our natural forces, take action, and start a new venture. One encourages us our action will be rewarded in kind.”
    You go, Girl.

  2. I’ve been having the same exact thing! 11% battery life on the computer, :11 left on the oven timer, $11.11 at Starbucks. It’s getting impossible to ignore.

    Someone told me once that any kind of number synchronicity in one’s life, whatever number or number pattern continues to appear, is just an affirmation from your angels or spirit guides that you are on the right track and to keep doing what you’re doing. The synchronicity symbolizes your own synchronicity with your life path and highest good. 🙂

    I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. Someone out there is sure you’re on the right track.

  3. Amy, I recently came across the Angel Therapy (by Doreen Virtue) and I have been absolutely absorbed by the book and the knowledge, and absolutely blown away by the fact that all this time I have been guided by the angels towards my life’s purpose (what you called destiny in your other post). Seeing numbers like 111 is the sign that angels are talking to you, they want to let you know that they are with you. If you get a chance pick up Angel Therapy book. It may help answer some questions. It is answering a lot for me. Just wanted to share. Blessings.

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