Dream-A Quick Change

Recorded in My Dream Journal 3.29.2011

I was in a crowd of people. There was a lady talking to me and she kept changing her clothes

Red Dress

Blue Dress

Hat & feather

It was a quick change. I had seen something like it before. She changed before my eyes and not behind a curtain.

I asked her if she was my angel. She says, “I am who ever you want me to be.”

10 days later my mother died. (There had been a quick change or decline in her condition.)

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A Dream From the Archives

Recorded in My Dream Journal 5.18.2012

I went to the funeral home to pay my respects to a friend who had recently died. The funeral director greeted me at the door as they often do. He escorted me to a room. He said I think she is crying. I thought that was strange.

I entered the room and my friend was sitting upright rather than lying down in the coffin.  She looked dead, but tears ran down her face.  I asked her if she needed to talk and she nodded.  I asked if she wanted me to give her husband a message.  I knew what she wanted to say even though she couldn’t speak it.  I felt her emotion.

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I Asked for A Sign

and guess what I got


Anybody that knows me knows that I love spirit signs: a sign from the spirit world. It could be from a deceased loved one, an angel, or a guide.

I recently went to the car wash. As I entered the building, my satellite radio went out as it always does at the car wash. I adjusted the volume as if that would make a difference. There was nothing, but silence.

What happened next caught me off guard. On the dash where the song titles are usually displayed, there was a message that said, “Congrats!!!! You passed the test!!!! I searched for my cell phone as I wanted to take a photo and document. I couldn’t locate. So, I wrote down the message not wanting to forget exactly what was written.

The songs in my car are displayed on 2 screens. One on the dash and one on the media console. This message appeared on the dash only.

It appears that I got the sign I had been asking for.

As I drove out of the car wash, the music returned once again and my message disappeared.

What’s Your Dream?

You Be You and I'll Be Me


A few years ago, I told my daughter that my parents had sold the pharmacy, the place that I was working. She had a complete meltdown. “No! It’s your dream!” I sat down with her to explain that it was not my dream, but rather my family was my dream. She questioned my pharmacy career and asked why then was I a pharmacist. She was so insightful for such a little girl. Her questions and thoughts stuck with me and prompted my own questions since.

Why was I a pharmacist? Why had a chosen that career? It wasn’t long following my graduation from pharmacy school that I realized that I had chosen the wrong career. I didn’t know how to fix that. I had just spent 6 years in college in a specialized field. It would take me years to uncover the truth.

I learned a few things along the way.
1. Be yourself.
2. Support children in their dreams, not yours.
3. We are all unique individuals. Quit trying to make kids all the same.
4. Find out what makes your soul shine.
5. Your dreams belong to you. No need to explain.

It’s taken a while to uncover my dream. I know now that I chose pharmacy to be safe and gain the approval of my parents. What I wanted was not an option. As a result, I lost myself entirely.

What’s your dream?