The Great American Eclipse Hangover

The eclipse on August 21, 2017,  was a celestial event that captivated America. What most don’t realize is that it was an initiation, a soul realignment.

For those who were initiated are now feeling the effects post eclipse.

  • sleeping/not sleeping
  • your internal clock is askew
  • walking around dazed
  • apathy
  • headaches
  • flu like symptoms
  • extreme fatigue

Many are experiencing their first initiation and have been hit hard with symptoms.  Their world seems to have turned upside down. Nothing seems right. Animals are affected as well and have similar symptoms.

Breathe, soon the energies will calm down and you will find a new normal.  In the mean time:

  • drink lots of water
  • get outside
  • get some exercises
  • meditate
  • journal your experiences

If you are experiencing your own hangover, no need to worry.  The severity of these symptoms will subside soon.  Most symptoms will dissipate within 10 days.


Aries New Moon Special

New Moon in Aries Special

For a limited time

This new moon in Aries marks the being of the new year astrologically speaking. I’m excited for this fiery energy to usher in new beginnings.  Take time at the new moon to set your intentions for the coming month.  Allow the energies of the new moon to align your wishes and desires with the universe.

I will be offering my products and services at an amazing discount for the next week.  If you have been thinking about an energy session or a reading, now is the time to book.  My e-courses and meditations will be discounted as well.

Energy sessions and readings $200 $111

E-courses (Intuition 101 & Dreams 101) $149 $111

Meditations (5 different guided meditations) $9.99 $1.11

I have been seeing the numbers 111 for years now.  Maybe you have been seeing it too.  It means you are on the right path.  111 is also considered an angel number and means that inner power is revealing itself to you.  Numbers are a universal language that spirit uses to communicate. I call them spirit signs.

Take advantage of the New Moon in Aries Special as it won’t last forever.







What is a Group Energy Session?

My work has shifted from individual private sessions to group sessions.  This video was recorded at a recent event.  Watch as I explain what I will be doing.

Contact me if you are interested in hosting a group event for all the details.

Here is what others are saying…

A Gift of Healing…6/25/2016

Sharon C. says: …attended a small group healing, the people gathered were from varied backgrounds. In no time at all, Amy was able to identify specific energy blocks for each person explain where they came from and then completely clear them; the hour we spent with her was truly a gift of healing. I feel blessed to have had the experience and to have met such an amazing healer. Thanks again Amy! : )


New Guided Meditation-The Child Within


I created this meditation to help with my own healing of childhood abuse.  It’s not always easy to put the pieces together and heal.  Use the Child Within to assist you in your own healing process and reconnect with that child within.

The Child Within


Thank You

So thankful for all the sweet messages of love and support I have received over the past few weeks. I continue to seek guidance and understanding over this deeply painful issue.  I appreciate your continued support and prayers as I make sense out of crazy.

We are all broken.  That’s how the light gets in.”

Earnest Hemingway


New Moon on 12/11

The new moon is the perfect time to renew your intentions and to put out into the universe your wishes and desires. In this new moon in Sagittarius, be open to the possibilities.  Step into your joy.  It is a powerful time.  Take a moment to pause and realign your desires.  This energy of the stars has not been present since the 1988.  What were you doing then?


Signs You are an Empath

Signs you are an empath…

  1. People come to you with their problems.
  2. You often feel the pain of others.
  3. You have difficulties watching violent or scary movies.
  4. You know when someone is lying.
  5. You prefer to be alone rather than crowds.
  6. You cry when others cry.
  7. You know when a person says one thing but, means another