Spirit Signs- The Cardinal


~image by Andrea Jordan~

I’m not really into birds.  I do notice them from time-to-time if I see one that I find beautiful.  In the spring we often have babies nested above our front entry way.  Most of the time, I find them annoying as they generally make a mess on my car or deck.

A while back, I had a reading with Rebecca Rosen on the telephone.  She asked me what the cardinal means to me.  It reminds me of my grandmother I told her.  It was her favorite bird as my mom often said.  Rebecca says the reference is to let me know that my mom is with her mother.

Since then, the cardinal has made its presence known. at our home.  The beautiful bird comes close and sings loudly.  It’s a great reminder of my grandma and my mom.

My sister came for a visit and she too couldn’t help, but notice the cardinal.  As our family gathered on the deck, the cardinal came closer.  The red beauty sang to us day after day.

The cardinal reminds us to stand out in the crowd and to be bold.  Those that attract the cardinal are naturally energetically, love life and happy to help others where/when ever they can.  The cardinal can also be fierce when it needs to defend its territory.  Yep, just like my mom!