Ask Amy Q and A- So What is a Group Reading?

I like working with people in small groups.  When I say small, I mean 8 or 10 people max.  The purpose of working this way is to magnify the healing energy that occurs during a session.  We are all connected energetically, but when we gather as a group the energy is intensified.

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Getting a reading is personal and not everyone wants to share that information with others.  You have the option of participating with others who don’t know you as I work with people all over the world.  I also see that some people enjoy the comradery of gathering together and would like to have people that they know with them and for this reason they choose to participate in a group session with family or friends.  It’s up to you.  There is no right or wrong.

Each session we will come together  and clear energetic blocks that are holding you back in every area of your life.  We will also talk about the spirit world and I’ll answer any questions that you may have.  The interesting aspect about working together over the telephone is that all benefit from the encounter.  One person may ask a question and that may be something another person needs to hear as well.  It’s funny how that works.  I hear comments like, “I felt you were talking to me or that’s exactly what I needed to hear.”

We will also have short meditation in order to raise your vibration, we will go over your intentions for the session, and then we will get into individual questions.

Weekly Channel-Love

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Hello, my beloved.  You connect because you sense the greatest love in our energy.  You connect because you want to share these energies.  You connect because you can.  In this lesson of love, connect with your heart center and feel the energy radiate.  Let it expand.  Breath deeply as you do so.  You can do this anytime that your energy is feeling depleted such as negative environments or sick people.  Others are drawn to you.  You clear their blocks energetically but not on a conscious level.  You desire to do this more consciously and you will begin to do so.   You do this in your readings.  You can not separate the two. You already know this and have people tell you so.  They don’t know intellectually that something is different but they know that they feel different and lighter somehow.

We will work with you so that this all makes sense.  You are about to utilize your gifts to the best of your ability not just in the back ground.

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