A More Direct Approach

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Greetings My Beloved,

Continue on as you are and more will come.  You are finding your way.  Each and every time you connect you learn something new.  It is how it should be.  Remember to take what you have learned and apply it to your next session.  Build upon the strengths and your aha’s.

You find that you know longer need to go step-by- step to connect that you automatically are able  to do so.  The step-by-step instructions are so that you intellectually know what is taking place. There are a few more nuances that you will pick up as you engage.  Write them down so that you can share with others. This is something many will want to know.  Don’t be concerned with those that don’t get what you are doing.  It’s none of their concern.

We feel as you are ready to move in this direction:  the healing arts.  You have the basics of what you need to know for now. More will unfold as you work with the energy. Find the format in which you are comfortable. Combine your readings with the healing energy as you have done before.  Allow more of a direct approach to healing. Previously your intention was the reading with healing secondary or unconsciously in the background.

We see you concentrating on the healing aspect through conscious commanding of the energy along with reading the energy for your clients.  We believe you know what this means.  It requires a shift in your work.  You will be doing the same, but the intention has changed.

As you open up to this new process.  You will see how everything has shifted and works beautifully together. We have mentioned this before but bears repeating:  The readings and the healing energy go hand in hand.  You don’t do one with out the other.  Now that you know the commanding of the energy, your readings will change.

What actually happens in a reading is that you are directing energy to a person’s space and clearing blocks, negative energy, beliefs and other limiting patterns that ultimately create havoc in the physical.  Limiting beliefs regarding everything from self-esteem to money issues.  Creative blocks are usually a result of some type of limiting belief or fear itself.  Your job is to eliminate these blocks if the client allows.  Some will not allow healing and you must respect their desires.  For some, it serves them to be sick or they may be ready to leave the earth plane.  It is their decision.

The benefits of being sick are many.  Some people love the attention and some people also express feeling loved or the first time by others due to their illness.  Another thing is that somee people want to be taken care of and their illness has a way of serving that as well.

Be mindful that everyone will not want your assistance.  Let people come to you.

Channel-Don’t Cry For Me

Greetings My Daughter,

It’s been a week of nostalgia.  Birthday week in your world. It stirs the emotions. Don’t cry to me as I am where I should be.  Don’t cry for me because I am no longer there.  Don’t cry for me. I wish to be the spark of inspiration.  I wish to be the smile of memories and the joke at the party.

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I sense a flood of emotion having said such.  It is as it should be.  I did my best though at times it wasn’t good enough.  I did what I thought was right.  It all boils down to that.  You make the best decisions based on what you feel is the best for you and your family.  As you live your life you realize that is not always easy.  You live in an imperfect world and other’s decisions affect the whole.

It’s a critical time for your world.  Vast changes in all aspects of life.  Embrace the change as it will truly be a year to remember.

Focus on what you wish to achieve and inspire those around you.  You don’t have time for annoyances but be compassionate to those who need your assistance.  Everybody has their unique lessons and path to follow.  For those who are completely off the path, give them a gentle nudge in the right direction.  It can be frightening and almost crippling to not know which direction to go.  This is something you should be doing.

It is not always easy to stand out in the crowd.  You will endure your share of criticism.  Most won’t have the courage to say things to your face.  It’s the same old “tear people down” attitude.  You don’t have the patience fo such people.  Surround yourself with loving individuals and dare to speak the truth.  It is what you are there for.

From the Archive-Ask Them to Leave

Ever since she was little, she’s talked of spirits around her.  I think the first time was around the age of three.  It frightened her.  She asked why they were there.  I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t see any spirits around.  I told her to ask them to leave.

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As she got older, it was obvious that she was the only one who noticed them. She wondered why.  She said that her friends don’t talk about these things.  “Why are they around me and what do they want?”  she asks.  She tells me that she has asked them to leave yet she still sees them.  They don’t try to communicate with her just linger in the distance.

Almost an adult now, they still hover around her and she sees them.  She doesn’t like it so she asks them to leave.

Weekly Channel-Conscious Healer

Greetings my beloved,

You are eager to learn and to spread our messages.  The earth is ready to hear.  Your healing energies continue to expand and so so your conscious thoughts about it.  You have been told over and over that you are a healer, but not aware of what that means for you.  Yes, there are many modalities of being a healer.  In your current work you are in a healing position as well.  You are drawn to that because that is who you are.

For you, the energy you work with is healing. You connect energetically through the heart chakra and emit a frequency that is healing.  It is all very powerful and something that you do unconsciously when giving a reading.  Having said that, you desire to be a conscious healer.  You desire to know exactly what is happening.  These are the things that you think about.  We will break it down for you as you move along this path.

Be open to sharing what you are learning.  You find it fascinating and so will others.  The era of taboo has ended.  More and more people desire and seek changes.

You give readings and the healing goes on in the back ground.  As you know, you can’t do one with out the other.  As you connect and gather info and relay that info, the energy is being given to the other.  It is really quite remarkable.  Physical illness can and will be reversed.  Negative patterns and emotional blocks are just a few of the clearings that have taken place.  As you dive deeper into your calling more intense healing will occur.  You have been working with the energies for sometime now, consciously, but the nature of your healings will change.  When we say change we mean more pronounced, more obvious.  You know that people have benefited from your readings, but it will be the healing aspect that people seek rather than the intuitive information.

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Trust Your Guides

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People ask me all the time about this or that. What do I think? Is it a boy or a girl? So, I simply ask myself the question and I get a feeling.  Yes feels lighter and true.  No feels heavy and is usually located in the pit of my stomach.  On occasion, a ”no” response may even make me feel sick. 

I work with a bunch of girls.  Two of which are expecting babies.  One of the girls didn’t know what the sex of her baby would be.  I predicted girl.  There were so many people who thought the baby would be a boy.  On her husband’s side of the family, it was boy, boy and more boys.  If it was one thing I have learned over the years is to trust my guides. I may not understand everything they tell me, but I do have to trust them.  The wait it over.  It’s a girl.

What Can I Expect from a Reading?

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My oldest daughter asked me what I do for people in a reading.  I explained to her that I am able to sense what it is that they have come here to do and to be in this life time.

Then she asked why people would want to have a reading.  I told her that some people like to hear about themself from a different perspective.

I sense people’s true self.  I am able to connect with their  spirit guides and they share information about that person.  I told her that I have no idea what is going to go on until I connect with them during that reading.

Recently, I started asking my guides for something unique in the reading that helps me and the person I am working with know what I am saying is real and true for them.  It’s good for us both.

As we finished our conversation, my daughter asked if she could give readings.  I told her if she wanted to she could.  She smiled as if she was pleased with herself and said, “maybe when I’m older.”

Am I A Medium?

My daughter asked me if she is a medium.  I hadn’t really thought of her intuitive gifts

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with that label.  I asked her why she was asking  She remembered an incident a few years back (4 maybe 5).  We had just arrived at the lake house.  It was a few hours from our home.  We hadn’t been there long, but long enough to turn on the water and the air conditioner.  Ellen mentioned to me that we had company and said that her angels were all here.  They were having a class and Ellen was to be the teacher.  She said it all so matter-of-fact.  She said they wanted to know about her lifestyle and what it is that she is doing at the lake house.  What seemed like something Ellen was enjoying turned sour.  Ellen covered her ears and said that they were all talking to her at once. Ellen was over whelmed by their presence and asked them to leave.  She found it confusing.

I remembered that incident as well and had documented it in my journal back then.  I had thought about that from time-to-time.  I was a bit hesitant to discuss it with her.  Over the last few years, Ellen hadn’t openly discussed her gifts with me as she used to.  She’s afraid of what people might say. I hate it that she feels as though she needs others approval to be herself.  It’s tough to be 12.

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I Don’t Recall Saying That

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I speak to people on occasion about giving them a reading.  Just so you know, I don’t recall any of that.  I really don’t remember what was said. Not that the information isn’t true.  I just relay the information.  I don’t store it.   So, 6 months down the road if you seen me and you say, “remember when you told me I was going to have a baby and I really don’t need to have fertility drugs?”  Chances are that I won’t remember that. 

I can’t keep track of everybody’s stuff. It doesn’t work like that for me. 

My sister reminds me of things that I have told her from time-to-time.

Giving someone a reading is highly personal.  When it’s over the energy and the information stops flowing and I move on. 

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Dream- Something You Just Don’t Want to Know

I was going through some old journals recently and I discovered a dream that I had

Mom and Dad

forgotten about.  The journal entry was from April of 2010. 

In the dream, there was an older couple crossing the street.  They both had red hair and the gentleman’s name was Dave. 

There was a big mess in the middle of the road.  Dave went through it.  It was messy but he made it. 

The lady got stuck in the middle.  I tried to help her through but she couldn’t.  I asked her to jump over it.  I told her we would help her, but she gave up.

Dave was very upset.  He didn’t know what to do.  I grabbed his hand and we crossed the road together. 

The red hair was an alert to make me notice.  Red…fire…help…it’s an emergency! These people are in trouble. 

My dad is Dave. It was my mom  that got stuck and couldn’t get out of the mess she was in.  She died in April of 2011, almost a year after I had this dream.  

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What Exactly Is A Reading?

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I once had a friend say to me, “poetry or prose?” when I asked her if she would like a reading. I told her it more of an intuitive nature than what she was thinking. 

What exactly is a reading? You might ask.  Have you heard the expression, “You are easy to read?”  Some people are just that.  You know when they are sad or mad because you can pick up on their emotions. Even though you can’t see the emotion, it’s there.

I am clairsentient. That is the ability to pick up on or sense other people’s emotions and other frequencies around that person.  

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