5 Signs That You Are Intuitive

How does intuition speak to you?

Not everybody is aware of their keen sense of guidance. We all have it. It being intuition. Some are more aware than others. Still, we all have it.

You’ve heard of those that are especially gifted in this area. Their abilities leave you scratching your head in wonder. How is it they are so connected?

Everybody is born with an internal GPS or intuition as I call it. It’s your guidance and your birth-right. For some, their intuition is a bad feeling or as some call it a “gut feeling.” Others have visions and still others just know. Our intuition speaks to us in many ways.

I opened to spirit energy as I grew older, but looking back I can see that I was always guided. I had a knack for sizing up people. I knew when I met my husband for the first time, that I had found my match. I’m not sure how I knew, I just knew. I never really thought about what that meant or labeled it as intuitive. I learned growing up that such things were not allowed in our home.

I had many signs that I was intuitive over the years, but never really put it all together until much later. You may have had signs as well. Here are a few of my favorites.

#1- I was drawn to the spirit world. Even though growing up I didn’t hear much or didn’t know of anyone who was intuitive, I found it all to be fascinating.

#2-I had a six sense about people. I was able to size people up pretty quickly. That has remained constant throughout my life. Even as a small child my parents picked that up and would ask me what I thought about a certain person or situation. They said I always go to the bottom of what was going on.

#3-Some things you just know. Don’t ask me to explain that or give you a play-by-play of what I know. I just know. It’s that simple.

#4-You think of someone and they call you or you run into them. This is another sign. This is really an everyday occurrence for some and very routine.

#5- Dreams, lots and lots of dreams is probably my favorite sign. This is the one sign that helped me put everything together. If you pay close enough attention to your dreams, you will learn to decipher its meaning. Your dreams are trying to tell you something. There is a message or lesson. Your guides may be trying to communicate with you. Write the dreams down and take time to learn their meaning.

Intuition speaks in many ways. How does it speak to you?

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The Bat

image from kids.nationalgeographic.com

image from kids.nationalgeographic.com

Today’s animal symbol is the bat.  I find it interesting when an animal sign or symbol presents itself.

Late one evening last week, I had a bat brush by me in my own home.  It circled by me several times before exiting the house.  It was a first for me having a bat in the house.  I wondered what it could mean. (My husband would say that it means someone left the door open and a bat got in).

When the bat appears the message is this:

According to Native Americans the bat is extremely sensitive and considered a symbol of intuition, dreaming and vision.  Bats have the ability to see in the dark and this correlates with the ability to see through things that are ambiguous and cut through to the truth of the matter.

Bats are also a symbol of rebirth, letting go the past and creating something new.  Bats may also symbolize transition.

In Chinese feng shui, the bat symbolizes prosperity.

A More Direct Approach

google image from guidedspirits.ning.com

Greetings My Beloved,

Continue on as you are and more will come.  You are finding your way.  Each and every time you connect you learn something new.  It is how it should be.  Remember to take what you have learned and apply it to your next session.  Build upon the strengths and your aha’s.

You find that you know longer need to go step-by- step to connect that you automatically are able  to do so.  The step-by-step instructions are so that you intellectually know what is taking place. There are a few more nuances that you will pick up as you engage.  Write them down so that you can share with others. This is something many will want to know.  Don’t be concerned with those that don’t get what you are doing.  It’s none of their concern.

We feel as you are ready to move in this direction:  the healing arts.  You have the basics of what you need to know for now. More will unfold as you work with the energy. Find the format in which you are comfortable. Combine your readings with the healing energy as you have done before.  Allow more of a direct approach to healing. Previously your intention was the reading with healing secondary or unconsciously in the background.

We see you concentrating on the healing aspect through conscious commanding of the energy along with reading the energy for your clients.  We believe you know what this means.  It requires a shift in your work.  You will be doing the same, but the intention has changed.

As you open up to this new process.  You will see how everything has shifted and works beautifully together. We have mentioned this before but bears repeating:  The readings and the healing energy go hand in hand.  You don’t do one with out the other.  Now that you know the commanding of the energy, your readings will change.

What actually happens in a reading is that you are directing energy to a person’s space and clearing blocks, negative energy, beliefs and other limiting patterns that ultimately create havoc in the physical.  Limiting beliefs regarding everything from self-esteem to money issues.  Creative blocks are usually a result of some type of limiting belief or fear itself.  Your job is to eliminate these blocks if the client allows.  Some will not allow healing and you must respect their desires.  For some, it serves them to be sick or they may be ready to leave the earth plane.  It is their decision.

The benefits of being sick are many.  Some people love the attention and some people also express feeling loved or the first time by others due to their illness.  Another thing is that somee people want to be taken care of and their illness has a way of serving that as well.

Be mindful that everyone will not want your assistance.  Let people come to you.

I Just Know

How is it I formulate an opinion on someone or something?  I just know.  I don’t need to have someone tell me what my opinion should be.  I have one of my own, but sometimes I can’t articulate what it is that I know or feel.  I just know.

I haven’t always listened to what I know.  There have been times that I’ve looked the other way.  There were times that I didn’t believe.  Those were lessons to be learned.  Time usually tells the truth.

Don’t lie to me as I will see right through it.  Don’t tell me what you think I want to hear.  Don’t think you are going to pull one over on me.  Don’t worry I can’t read your mind.  I just know.

google from whoischick.com

Have you experienced that kind of knowing?  It’s hard to express exactly what it is like.  Did you know that you found your spouse that moment you met?  Did you ever have an idea pop into your head that you couldn’t let go of?  Have you ever gone to bed with a problem only to awake in the morning with the perfect solution?  You don’t know how or why you just know.

Healing Energy 101

You don’t have to understand how “it” works for “it”, the healing to work.  Just allow it to happen.  I will step you through a meditation.  In the meditation, you change your vibration. It’s elevated to a higher space.  This is the space where miracles and healing. Let your angels and guides help you.

google image from designsbywillow.com

What is your intention?  Physical, mental or emotional healing? You decide.  Be specific and also allow for anything that you re not consciously aware of that may be causing problems to be removed as well.

Sit back and relax where you are and expect miracles to happen.

You are here for a reason.  What is it? Let’s be honest.  You don’t have to tell me.  Keep it to yourself it you like, but be very clear as to what you would like to happen.

I am drawn to the energy, the energy of spirit.  I love to give readings, but in the midst of that, I discovered something else:  the healing energy of the spirit world.  It is truly a place of miracles.

From the Archive-Born this Way

google image taken from mediumsworld.wordpress.com

I was born with my gifts.   I haven’t always known that I am intuitive.  I have some flashes of memory from early childhood.  I shut it all down at an early age.  There are a number of reasons for that.  First, spirit communication to a child can be very frightening.  No one openly talked about such things, at least not at my house.  I remember hearing in church that talking to spirits was evil.  I pushed it aside. It was a survival mechanism. I wish I could have been myself and not feared what others were thinking.  I learned that my parents weren’t open to such things.

I grew up with religious parents.  My siblings and I not so much.  I found religion to be a bit confusing and when questions were asked , “Lord Almighty!”  It was lecture time.  If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times, the christianity speech.  My parents were passionate about their beliefs and I respected that.

What I am passionate about is my kids and teaching them that there is nothing wrong with expressing our god given talents.  They don’t have to tell people about their gifts or mine if they don’t want to.  I just don’t want them to hide or feel like they have to hide who they are .  They have nothing to be ashamed of as some people would have them believe.  After all, I was born this way.

Weekly Channel-You Get to Decide

google image from alwayz lucid blog

Greetings my beloved.  We sense  bt of overwhelm and then some confusion over what you feel you must do. Let us remind you that there is no protocol.  There is no deadline.  You get to decide what, where and with whom.  If you are feeling rushed or frustrated ease off.  Make sure there is enjoyment.  Stop and smell the flowers.  Time is accelerating on the earth plane and so many sensitive souls are doing too many things.  Do things in your time.  There have been many astrological events that contribute greatly to the sense of unease.  Be gentle with your emotions.  These astrological events are creating change in the world.  The summer solstice will bring in some calming energies and help with those unsettled feelings or anxiety.  The summer energies are that of growth.  Drink in those energies and allow what has already sprouted to expand and grow.

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Trust Your Guides

~google image cutebabygirlnameshub.com~

People ask me all the time about this or that. What do I think? Is it a boy or a girl? So, I simply ask myself the question and I get a feeling.  Yes feels lighter and true.  No feels heavy and is usually located in the pit of my stomach.  On occasion, a ”no” response may even make me feel sick. 

I work with a bunch of girls.  Two of which are expecting babies.  One of the girls didn’t know what the sex of her baby would be.  I predicted girl.  There were so many people who thought the baby would be a boy.  On her husband’s side of the family, it was boy, boy and more boys.  If it was one thing I have learned over the years is to trust my guides. I may not understand everything they tell me, but I do have to trust them.  The wait it over.  It’s a girl.

Awesome Blog Content Award!

Thank you to Andrea Elliott, at Holistic Words!  She has awarded me with the Awesome Blog content Award.  I just love the awards that get passed around.  It’s nice to learn something different about bloggers besides what they post.  It’s also a good way to say thank you to those you get to know through cyberspace. 

Holistic Words was one of the first blogs that I discovered.  No accident I’m sure.  We have some much in common.  It’s no wonder I gravitate to her writings.  She posts about the spirit world, the law-of-attraction, and so much more.  If you haven’t been to Holistic Words, please check her out. 

In receiving this award, I must tell you, in alphabetical order, 26 things about myself and pass the award along to 5 other bloggers.





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Now for the 5 fabulous bloggers I would like to pass this award on to:

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I have many, many favorites.  Sorry if I didn’t mention you.  I love you all!

That Sick Feeling

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Ever get that feeling, that sick feeling.  It’s deep in the pit of your stomach and you just can’t seem to shake it?

I work in close proximity with others on a daily basis.  I always know when something is up with them.  I can feel it.

One of the girls I work with is pregnant.  So is her sister.  Competitive girls but at the end of the day, they are still sisters.  Earlier this month, the sister was due to deliver her baby.  That’s when the sick feeling started.  I felt like there were going to be problems and sure enough there was.  In the end, there was a c-section due to a few complications.  The baby arrived, a beautiful baby girl, but I still had that sick feeling.

The baby had some problems.  Two weeks after her delivery, she had open heart surgery.  She sailed through it, brave little girl.  So why is it I still have that sick feeling?

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