Am I A Medium?

My daughter asked me if she is a medium.  I hadn’t really thought of her intuitive gifts

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with that label.  I asked her why she was asking  She remembered an incident a few years back (4 maybe 5).  We had just arrived at the lake house.  It was a few hours from our home.  We hadn’t been there long, but long enough to turn on the water and the air conditioner.  Ellen mentioned to me that we had company and said that her angels were all here.  They were having a class and Ellen was to be the teacher.  She said it all so matter-of-fact.  She said they wanted to know about her lifestyle and what it is that she is doing at the lake house.  What seemed like something Ellen was enjoying turned sour.  Ellen covered her ears and said that they were all talking to her at once. Ellen was over whelmed by their presence and asked them to leave.  She found it confusing.

I remembered that incident as well and had documented it in my journal back then.  I had thought about that from time-to-time.  I was a bit hesitant to discuss it with her.  Over the last few years, Ellen hadn’t openly discussed her gifts with me as she used to.  She’s afraid of what people might say. I hate it that she feels as though she needs others approval to be herself.  It’s tough to be 12.

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A Night with John Edward

Last February, I was invited to see John Edward.  I left work early to get there on time.  I wanted to sit in the front row.  I hate sitting in the back.  I’m afraid I might miss something.

I went with a lady who had lost her husband the previous year.  We weren’t really friends but rather acquaintances.  I stopped by her shop one day for absolutely no reason other than to tell her how sorry I was about her husband.  He had died in their shop rather suddenly and very unexpectedly.  We chatted a bit and she told me she wanted to see John Edward and wasn’t able to find someone to go with her.  I told her that I would love to  go.  Funny how that worked out.  So we went and I got my front row seat.

Several minutes before the event started, my ears plugged.  It was that same feeling as you get when you travel on an airplane.  Then I heard the bells.  They sounded like church bells.  I looked to the people sitting around me and asked if they heard it too.  They looked at me in disbelief.  I had heard the bells before when my mother-in-law died the previous year.

The event was nothing less than spectacular.  It is one of those things where you really have to  be there to believe what went on.  I had hoped that Mr. Edward would speak to my friend but frankly, I don’t think she could have handled it at this point.  The event was very emotional for her.

There were hundreds of people in attendance.  As the night progressed, a theme began to emerge.  The people that had been selected for readings all had loved ones who had all died through suicide. A second theme emerged as well. It was either the person who had passed or the person getting the readings birthday.  It was fantastic to watch.

Before the event ended, I was able to take the microphone and ask Mr. Edward a question.  I asked him, How could I do what you are doing?  He responded by saying you can’t.  Only I can do what I do.  You need to find what it is that you should be doing.  You are a healer.

 That was it. The event was over.