Dream- A Call from My Mother

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I been thinking about my mom lately.  It’s coimg up on the year anniversary when she died.  I had several opportunities to see her as she visits me in my dreams.

Last evening as a slept, I dreamed of the phone ringing.  My youngest daughter answered it and yelled for me to pick up,  “Sounds like Grandma,”  she said.

I picked up the phone ecstatic to hear my mother’s voice.  It really was her.  I asked her where she was and how was she able to call.

I am at the edge of the earth’s atmosphere.  It is so wonderful to hear your voice.  Tell Phil and Julie that I can hear them and everyone else as well.

By this time, I was awake. I am not dreaming. I am thinking to myself that I am actually talking to my mother. This was different than the other dreams that I had about her.  As I woke up, the connection was lost.  Nothing but pure static.

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