Conscious Connection

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I gave a reading today and as my guides suggested, I consciously connected via the heart center.  What happened next was completely unexpected.  I became instantly consumed with my client’s emotion.  I felt her pain and disillusion.  I had never experienced anything like it before.  There was something energetically stuck in her vibration.  It was dense and very heavy.  I started to cry.  I wanted it to go. I was told to breathe through it and soon it was gone.  Yikes! what had just happened?  I’m not sure, but as I continued on the heaviness dissipated.  Within the hour, I felt that the heaviness had lifted.  At least it felt that way.  The energy was much lighter.

This was the first time I consciously connected in this way with a person.  I have been told that I do this subconsciously but didn’t really get it.

What I felt was an energetic connection with that person.  I linked up with her emotionally and felt what was blocking her vibration.  I helped her release the grip that was holding her in emotional and physical pain. Now, she can heal.

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