Born This Way

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I was born with my gifts.   I haven’t always known that I am intuitive.  I have some flashes of memory from early childhood.  I shut it all down at an early age.  There are a number of reasons for that.  First, spirit communication to a child can be very frightening.  No one openly talked about such things, at least not at my house.  I remember hearing in church that talking to spirits was evil.  I pushed it aside. It was a survival mechanism. I wish I could have been myself and not feared what others were thinking.  I learned that my parents weren’t open to such things.

I grew up with religious parents.  My siblings and I not so much.  I found religion to be a bit confusing and when questions were asked , “Lord Almighty!”  It was lecture time.  If I heard it once, I heard it a thousand times, the christianity speech.  My parents were passionate about their beliefs and I respected that.

What I am passionate about is my kids and teaching them that there is nothing wrong with expressing our god given talents.  They don’t have to tell people about their gifts or mine if they don’t want to.  I just don’t want them to hide or feel like they have to hide who they are .  They have nothing to be ashamed of as some people would have them believe.  After all, I was born this way.