What is Intuition

Mother's Intuition or a Gut Feeling

What is Intuition?

We have all heard of Mother’s intuition where a mother knows that something is wrong with her child.  She knows it but, has no logical way of knowing what she knows or feels.  She just knows.


Then there is the gut feeling.  That dull ache or that sick feeling that you shouldn’t do something.  Ignoring that feeling will certainly result in some type of ill effect and you’ll be sorry.


Intuition is also called your sixth sense.  An extension of your physical senses, the sixth sense is the bridge between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Like your physical senses, the sixth sense mimics those cues for clear messaging.  Clairvoyance is seeing pictures in your mind.  Clairaudience is clear hearing or thoughts that enter your mind.  Clairsentience is clear sensing of feelings.  Clairgustance is being able to taste without actually putting something in your mouth.  Clairsalience is intuitive smelling and an empath is tuning into another’s emotions.


We all have intuition, but most of us are not taught to nurture or develop this valuable asset.  We should all embrace our intuition as it is clearly the voice of the soul.  It does not lie or try to flatter you in any way as the mind and ego often do.


Some of our society thinks that using your intuition is devil’s play and so for some, that stigma exists.


Intuition does not scream and shout.  It’s more of a whisper.  Its cues are subtle.  Listen closely and more will follow.  Pay no attention and risk losing this vital connection.


Ask your angels and guides to assist you in developing your intuition.  As them for a clear sign that they exist. Be open to receiving that sign. Better yet, ask for a specific sign like a feather or butterfly.  You decide and be prepared, because when you ask… spirit shows up.

Intuition 101