Keep a Dream Journal

Keep a journal by your bed.  Write down your dream as soon as you wake up in as much detail as possible. Your dreams are the language of your soul.  Interested in learning about your dreams? Download Dreams101 available at

Dreams 101 an online course to learning through your dreams.


Aries New Moon Special

New Moon in Aries Special

For a limited time

This new moon in Aries marks the being of the new year astrologically speaking. I’m excited for this fiery energy to usher in new beginnings.  Take time at the new moon to set your intentions for the coming month.  Allow the energies of the new moon to align your wishes and desires with the universe.

I will be offering my products and services at an amazing discount for the next week.  If you have been thinking about an energy session or a reading, now is the time to book.  My e-courses and meditations will be discounted as well.

Energy sessions and readings $200 $111

E-courses (Intuition 101 & Dreams 101) $149 $111

Meditations (5 different guided meditations) $9.99 $1.11

I have been seeing the numbers 111 for years now.  Maybe you have been seeing it too.  It means you are on the right path.  111 is also considered an angel number and means that inner power is revealing itself to you.  Numbers are a universal language that spirit uses to communicate. I call them spirit signs.

Take advantage of the New Moon in Aries Special as it won’t last forever.







Your Sixth Sense is not Nonsense

It's your best sense



Your Sixth Sense Is Not Nonsense



Your sixth sense is not nonsense.  In fact, I believe it’s your best sense.

  1. You can’t make people tell the truth.
  2. You can’t believe everything you see.
  3. You can’t believe everything you hear. (see #1)


We are then left to decide for ourselves what is true and what is not.  On a daily basis, we are bombarded with too much information.  It is difficult to take everything in and know if what you are hearing/seeing is true or not.  Here are a few tips to help you evaluate and sift through that information.


The best way to know if what you seeing or hearing is truth is to check in with your sixth sense.

  1. Intuition never lies
  2. The more you use your intuition the easier it becomes
  3. Write down the information you receive and soon you’ll have proof of your intuition.


Ask your angels and guides to help you develop your sixth sense.  It’s so easy.  Take time every day to consciously check in with your inner knowing. Soon it will be routine and something that doesn’t seem foreign.  For many of us, intuition was not nurtured or developed.  As a result, we are left to figure out on our own.


How do you check in with your sixth sense?  Simply ask in your mind to know the truth and be open to how that will appear to you.  Pay attention, intuition speaks in many ways.  You may get your answer via a dream, a vision, a thought, a song, numbers, a feeling you may have.


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