Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

Carl Jung

Top Ten Favorite Spirit Signs

What's Your Favorite Sign

If spirits could have a regular conversation with you, believe me, they would. There are a couple of reasons why that just doesn’t happen.  First, it’s because we have a physical body and spirit does not. Second, we are not on the same planes.  Spirit uses symbols to communicate and get your attention. Here are a few of my favorite.

  1. Dreams- are the easiest way for spirit energy to connect with you. A dream visitation is when you are visited by a deceased loved one’s spirit is your dream time.  This is my favorite spirit sign. Dreams should be interpreted using a dream dictionary.

2.  Coins- are another sign that spirit likes to put on your path (Pennies from Heaven).

3. Numbers or Repetitive Numbers are often used to deliver different messages.  Repetitive numbers are considered angel numbers. Single digit numbers 0-9 are part of a divination called numerology. Divination refers to various tools utilized to connect with spirit energy numerology being one of them.

4. Hearing music-The music itself or the message in the song is your sign.  Only you can decide. What means something to one person may not to another. How do you know if it’s a sign? Hearing a certain song may invoke emotion or answer a question for you. Another way this may work is to hear music when there is none.

5. When the bat appears the message is clear:  a change is coming.

6. The cardinal represents a message being sent from the spirit world.

7. Lights flickering or even light bulbs popping is a common spirit sign.

8. The telephone is another popular device spirit energy utilizes to make presence known.

9. As the saying goes, “Feathers appear when angels are near.”

10. The butterfly is a profound symbol of the soul changing.

There are many more signs that spirit uses to communicate. What’s your favorite?

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